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I am Geert Hofman, transformational presence executive coach, composer, musician and writer. It’s great to see you here!

The biggest event at this point in time is the publication of my first novel ever: ‘The Glass Dome’. Having become an author is exciting and honestly, I had never thought of becoming one. Why don’t you check out the  Publication page and let me know what you think of it?

The countless coaching conversations I had over the past years have been an important source of inspiration for The Glass Dome.  From the recurring themes in these conversations, it seems that some kind of bigger change is announcing itself to all of us. It’s not difficult to acknowledge these are turbulent times and I would love to continue to explore what this change is asking of all of us as well what challenges and opportunities it is presenting. And I really would love to do that together with you. So I would definitely invite you to follow me on Twitter ( to stay in touch with what’s going on and to start contributing to our conversations.