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Publications & Music

Check out my blog on Wordpress here The blog posts I write are all dealing with various aspects of the big changes, if not transformation, we're facing at this moment. They include reflections on a micro scale as well as thoughts about macro scale events. Enjoy!
And you'll find some of my music here 

What readers say about 'The Glass Dome':

"Hi Geert, finished your beautiful novel yesterday night. Couldn’t resist visiting the Delhi Lotus temple again this morning to contemplate on your book a bit further. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book and for sharing your thoughts with us. I enjoyed every bit of it". KJ, Amsterdam

"Intriguing and thought provoking. It really makes you think again." AG, New York

"Just finished your book. Of course I am a sentimentalist and thus it brought tears to my eyes at various points. I believe you made the point somewhere yourself: that a story may bring this lesson of personal growth and the great changes taking place in the world, more vividly, more clearly even than a 'theoretical' expose would." HL, Brussels

"What a beautiful book. Truly a book fitting the spirit of the current times. It reminded me of the 'Celestine Prophecy'. JL, Amsterdam

"I truly enjoyed reading every single page of your beautiful novel. Your style of writing is very engaging and highly accessible and the story strongly resonates with my own quest in life." LR, Eindhoven (NL)

"What a great read! Cannot put it aside." CT, Muenich

"Impressive piece of work and very nice to read. Wonderful to see how lovingly you describe the main character's struggle with his transformation and him finally surrendering to it." ACT, Utrecht

"Thanks Geert for the book. It was a very pleasant reading, an eye-opener." IL, Paris

"Compelling story that everybody in a leading role should read." JD, Utrecht

"This may sound weird but I totally recognise my own life in the experiences of the main character. What a fascinating story." CB, Minden (D)

"I completely identify with what the main character is going through. What a gripping story!" LB, Hannover (D)