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Key Note Speaker

As a key note speaker I specialise in various themes concerning leadership and the future of organisations. Much has been written and said about leadership and yet the final word hasn't been said. In every period in our history we have been confronted with different challenges, dynamics, technologies, structures, stakeholders, roles, etc etc.

Right now, it seems the world is in unprecedented, seemingly perpetual disruptive turbulence, to which no single person holds the answer. One question which is asked from leaders is how they show up. Another key question is: what is the big shift, the big potential that is trying to catch their attention? And who is that asking them to be?

Exciting and challenging questions at the same time as by far most people have been trained to quickly fix problems and get every disrupted situation back to normal as soon as possible. Thereby leaving themselves out of the equation. The current climate asks us to show up with more than just our intellectual mind at our disposal. 

Key notes can be highly experiential, but must not be, and will get attendees fully engaged and prepared for what's to come. I deliver key notes in Englisch, German, Dutch and French.

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