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I am Geert Hofman, Certified Transformational Presence Coach, composer, musician and writer. It’s great to see you here!

Since the start of the Covid pandemic  early 2020, the life we had gotten used to, changed quite a bit.The war Russia started, has brought more disturbances to our way of life in western Europe. Supply chains are not functioning the way they did before Corona and don't get me started about energy.

It has been quite clear we cannot continue using non renewable sources of energy and now we're forced to explore those much faster than we had anticipated. I guess this is our planned crisis although no one knew for sure what exactly would accelerate it. As you know a crisis holds threats as well as opportunities. It seems to me that we are invited to let go of our old way of life: based on overconsumption, debt based economy, necessitating perpetual growth, the illusion of money, ruining our habitat, including the climate we're depending on to be able to survive, by denying the destructive effects our behavior has on the ecosystem we're part of. I notice more and more people are looking for a meaningful way of living. 

A Great Breaking Open is taking place and I'm curious how you navigate through this. I'm more than happy to explore how I can be of service to you or your organisation to be better prepared for what comes.

For now, I wish you happy browsing!